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Book Collection
(Spanish language)

La Granja Naranja

(Vol. 1 al 60)

- Booklets for the exercise of memory for children of ages 2+.

- 24 pages with memorables stories and funny images.

'strengthening the father-son relationship in a fun and educational way'
How it all started...?
“I wrote the first book when my first-born Nicolas was about three years old. ”"EL PATITO TAPATITO" was the story that would lead to another eleven books.
A short while after I began to read to him "El Patito Tapatito", Nikki, who at the time could not read or write, one day to our surprise, he started reciting it 'by heart' from beginning to end!
From that moment on and after seeing how some happy stories, written in verse and with fun and striking images, influenced in the exercise of his
memory, I decide to write some more books. And so, one by one, eleven new stories came to life. That gave me the idea that it could be a good educational tool for many more kids, so I started to make a prototype for a Box Set of 12 books called "Collection: The Orange Farm (vol.1 to 12)"
On night my wife captured with her phone, the exact moment when Nicolas recited, for the first time, the first book in this collection, which today has "60" titles, covering almost all of the most striking animals.
Thanks to that video and the suggestion of several friends, who also read the first books to their children, I decided to continue with this collection of books for the exercise of memory, vocabulary and imagination and first approach to letters and words for children 2 years old and up.
The stories are very funny and easy to remember because of the simple words used. Some of the paragraphs are fanciful and silly and make them laugh, because they paint a hilarious image in the children's minds and, at the same time, make them think."
Diego De Pietri, writer of the stories of "LA GRANJA NARANJA" (vol. 1 al 60)
First Prototype (box set) * laser printing (4"x 4")
New Printing
* Paperback (6.4"x 6")